Unique LA


Last March I participated in Unique LA, a retail show in Los Angeles that puts together some of the best indie and up and coming brands from around the area. The show took place in the penthouse of a large … Read More

Pool Tradeshow Part I

Pool tradeshow

  The Booth Distinguish yourself! This might just be the single most important part of the show for you. You could have the best products in the entire show but if you don’t have an attractive booth, you aren’t going … Read More



Rise West had made its first print on a sweatshirt. The print is from the first collection, “The Ship of the Desert.” This will be the first of a greater variety of garments to come. Expect to see more sweatshirts, … Read More

Up to Date


  Since launching the Rise West online store I have been busy filling orders while preparing a second collection. I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to, but I will make more of an effort I as … Read More

Color Separation Part 2


How to color separate an image with complex gradients and intricate coloring. When you create a gradient with screen printing you are creating an illusion. Take a look at this transition from aqua to white. By using halftones the eye … Read More



Just got back from an epic weekend in Davis where the photoshoot for Rise West’s first collection was shot. I chose an empty field I used to run by during my Sophomore year that I always liked. The shoot took … Read More

Color Separation Part I


In this post you will learn how to color separate a basic image using Photoshop. One thing you need to realize as a screen printer is that pulling a squeegee is only a small portion of the overall process of … Read More