The Story of Rise West

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T-shirts have always been important to me. They are infinitely adaptable in meaning and message. They can be loud and scream at you. They can be subtle and understated. They can insult you. They can make you laugh. They can start conversations.
Being an ardent collector of t-shirts, I remember searching everywhere from boutiques to thrift stores, scouring the internet, looking for something that was not generic, something that was eye-catching and different. After spending way too much time doing this and yielding minimal result, I figured why not try designing and printing myself. I have always held comfort, fit, and creative design central to t-shirts and with those fundamentals I started Rise West in August of 2010.


When I started Rise West my design skills and screen printing skills were very limited. What I did have however, was a vision. I wanted to design with a simple refreshing aesthetic. I wanted to make things that were part of a narrative. So, I went about learning what I needed to realize this vision. Spending hours upon hours learning to sketch, and learning the intricacies of digitizing artwork. Today, Rise West has brought this vision to life. Every piece is carefully planned and printed with the utmost attention to detail, the highest quality inks and the softest and best fitting fabrics. Rise West has expanded onto different mediums including totes and one of a kind art prints.

What we Stand for

Being environmentally responsible is central to the process at Rise West. All garments are designed and hand printed in our Los Angeles shop using water based inks and environmentally friendly products. A portion of every garment purchased supports sweat shop free labor.

The Name

Every day the sun rises in the East. No matter where you are in the world it is an absolute, a definitive, something that cannot be changed. To Rise West means to be different, to go against the grain and be creative.



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